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Creative Ideas, Progressive Designs

Creative Ideas, Progressive DesignsCreative Ideas, Progressive Designs

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ABOUT (why we started PROG)



We're not so interested in things that are ordinary, same-as-all-the-others, that make no difference. We're a start-up IT Architecture & Design consultancy that specialises in developing roadmaps and strategic plans for modern and progressive businesses.


With change comes risk; consequences and trade-off's that aren't always foreseen at the outset. Bit by bit, piece by piece, layer on layer, we want to get you to where you want to be, and coach you along the way.


Looking back at where you started from and evaluating what you've achieved so far is important. Progress doesn't always follow a straight line; zig-zags, bumps, u-turns can all happen, but moving forwards towards your destination is what counts. We'll work with you to chart your journey. We want you to recognise when you're making progress, and when you're not!

INITIATIVES (things we're interested in)

The Internet for Everythings

Developing new and innovative Internet Products and Services

  • Provide a Service
  • Using Smart Things
  • In a way that only you know how


Looking in the Right Direction

Using tools & techniques to visualise an end result and a way to get there

  • Set a destination
  • Plan a route
  • Embark on the journey



Understanding how technology can change our perceptions of a product or service 

  • Increase its value
  • Boost its performance
  • Reposition its purpose